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Deadline tracking and monitoring “Expediting Service”

Meeting delivery or project completion deadlines is one of the three pillars on which any project is built. Delivery delays from your suppliers, no matter the reason, may cause delayed commissioning and, as a result, exploding costs. Our global expert network supports you in your assignment and monitors all deadlines through all project phases. We serve as your eyes and ears with your suppliers, their sub-suppliers, or manufacturers.

We advance processes, identify bottlenecks in time, and develop solutions together with you and your suppliers. We will keep you informed about the current project and delivery status at any time. Our worldwide network of appropriate specialists gets us quickly to site to avoid unnecessary travel costs. Our specialists keep your project safe.

Expediting is a real-time task that often requires proactive responses to a great variety of situations. It often is not possible at all to be represented at every supplier’s site. Trustworthy inspectors with thorough knowledge of procurement, production, and delivery processes are needed for this. Large projects and deliveries of critical goods and equipment may involve complex international supply chains with goods sourced from suppliers in different countries. Late delivery from one supplier may impair the entire supply chain and delay timely completion on budget. Deadline monitoring means taking any action required to ensure that supply chains are not interrupted and that deliveries are made on time and in compliance with specifications.

Our experienced and qualified staff are strategically positioned in key industrial centers to work with your suppliers on site. They make sure that your materials are delivered on time and in compliance with their specifications.

Our deadline-monitoring service includes preventive inspections to keep potential delays from happening at an early stage. This process includes reviews of production schedules and specifications, as well as validation of packaging and shipping details. We supervise production, inform you of any delays or revisions, and provide a detailed overview of the current project progress. Our inspectors identify issues in the delivery process at an early point, reducing repair and replacement costs and ensuring on-time delivery of your product.

Our expeditor network offers expertise and local knowledge, no matter where your suppliers are located.

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